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I consider the fact that my agricultural work is also a passion to be a very lucky circumstance. That I find contentment and joy, meaning, and solace in my work is something I am grateful for every day. 

I have been fortunate to have had support from many people over the years as the farm went from pipe dream to finding real land, to clearing (very real) forest and creating gardens and greenhouses, to dealing with injuries, exhaustion, and doubt, to getting to plant and tend beautiful crops, to becoming a mother, to dealing with insects, soil chemistry, plumbing, megafauna and mud, and to doing seemingly endless horticultural experimentation (trial, and lots of error). The support I have received has been a gift that I treasure and recall in the daily movements of my work on “my” land—it may be mine on paper, but in fact it is the creation of many.

 I wish to send love and thanks out to everyone who has been a part of this farm project during this last year and also past ones—what you gave, by your belief in my goals, your gifts of time and talent (and fish waste), your unconventional loans, your encouragement, your loving care of my children while I worked, your insight and enthusiasm—has given me the opportunity for daily delight in my work and I am forever in your debt. 

Here’s to a new year and to the hope that we can all find ways to support each other’s ideas and dreams, even in our differences, no matter how unreachable our goals may seem.


P.S. Many, many folks are not pictured here, but here are some recent photos